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Monday, October 5, 2015


" People will stare. Make it worth their while "

- Harry Winston -

Keep calm and say, Arrrrrr...

Hey ho, guys, listen up. When it comes to man holding a woman's handbag, there will always be a war between The Gentleman group and The Awkward group. A war that never ends, as long as there are stars and the moon in the sky. But fear no more guys, now days men needs to carry their own bag everywhere they go. Sayonara girls, you need to carry your handbag by yourself, the gentlemen now days are busy with their stuff. Its cool for a man to carry a bag as a fashion. Its just the matter of choosing the right design to suit the purpose and where to get it ! I have a little secret about the place. Here it goes !

Welcome to the Fashion Wonderland so called the ZALORA ! An online shopping fashion store for man and woman. There is a wide range of choices from many brands. You just need to look, click, and pay, Zalora will settle the rest. 

Lets talk about bags !

First, come with me to online bags for men collection where you can take a ride to choose the exclusive bags to make you look great in the eyes of your dream girl, rawwrrrr. Take your time, there's nothing to rush. There's a lot of designs that you'll be amazed. While looking at it, there's a legend that I want to share with you. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

There's a legend, told by a wise man, a man needs three types of bags that need to be purchase. There are :-
  1. For the active individual
  2. For the daily usage or short trips
  3. For the long vacation

1. For the active individual

Those who is active with sports, a sport bag is a must if you're the type of person who carries a lot of stuff with you such as sport shoes, water bottle, a change of clothes and sport gears. Come on guys, you have the looks, you wanna look cool in front the blonde girl, but you pack your stuff in a paper bag or even worse in a plastic bag? That's so not cool man. The force is strong with you. Spend a little bit at Zalora to make it worth their while. Sports bag is definitely a great investment. Store everything you need in the sports bag and start burning off those calories with no worries about your belongings.

2. For the daily usage or short trips

It was told that every man needs a nice backpack. Whether you're a student, a working man or a man who loves to walk around for a short trips, the bag is not meant to fill your belongings only, but it also serve as a fashion accessories to make you looks great and masculine. Backpacks are the suitable fashion item for men to own as it is a versatile bag to show off. There's a lot of trendy backpack designs available at Zalora from many brands. Check it out !

3. For the long vacation

Lastly, the wise man said, the bag that any men should have is a nice luggage bag. There are days when we have to fly off somewhere due to work or vacation. If you're attending a meeting and you need to somehow check in a hotel, you need to bring the professional looks too which the luggage bags at Zalora can give you that. You can choose the "balik kampung" style or the trolley luggage bag to suit your needs and preference.

Pheww.. that's a great legend told by the wise man. Now I really need those three bags for my usage. A sport bag, a backpack and a luggage. Its time to impress the blonde. Lets go to Zalora. No time to wait. Toodles


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