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Monday, September 21, 2015


Why being different? Once a friend asked me that question. He also said, "You're an adult. You're married now. Not even a year. you're now a father. Why play with toys?"

There's been a lot of articles related to adult who buys and play with toys. If you go to Action Figure event/tournament like Gundam, or photographers who do Toy Photography, majority of them are an adult. They spend thousands of money on it. To be logic, spending thousands of money, is it toys really for children? Is it immature for an adult to buy and play with toys?

If you answer it as "yes", you're a bit misunderstood about it. First of all, adults don't play with toys like the children do. They don't play it like in a total fantasy. They don't make sound like children do when they play with it, such as the sound of laser gun "piu...piu piu", and they don't think they as the action figure. Yes, I can't deny it, there are some cases, the adults are totally "children", but what I want to talk about is a normal adult that being different.

Lets talk about from emotional feelings view. It is said that adults who play with toys show how much they love their childhood. Somehow they want to enjoy those moments. They really don't care what the world talk about them. They just be, who they are and it does not mean that the adult is not mature. Can we decide maturity with toys? Is like you're deciding a person maturity with candies and chocolates. Isn't candies and chocolates for children?

Lets talk about Lego. Lego is a brand for bricks that's very popular since years ago. When you buy the Lego, the box stated the recommendation age of user to play with it. Most of it are below 15 years old. But why the heck David Beckham enjoys playing with Lego? He's an adult. A famous figure in football. He answered it simple, because it calms him down. Is he immature?

For me, Lego is a toy for tinkerers, for designers, artists like photographers and storytellers. Just look at those selling Lego at the toy shop, its an adult that selling it. Look at the Lego Movie (2014), its adults that create that movie. Look at those master piece of Lego Photography, its adult Professional Photographers. The most important thing, who creates Lego? Its an adult from Denmark since the year of 1932. I don't think that Lego is only for children, its for adult too. But the way you play with it shows you're an adult or children. The bad perception is when people are looking it from a negative side rather than looking it from a positive side. 

Being different? Yes, I don't have a problem with it. Its ok to be different than others. Being different doesn't mean you're wrong. Its just that you're looking it at a different angle. Being different doesn't mean you're a weird. It means that you have your own stand in life. Being the same all the time is a problem. You're at a comfortable zone. Just be who you are. Lets enjoy it. Everything is awesome !

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