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Hi there ! I’m Hasif Rahman, a freelance photographer based in Malaysia. Just a husband trying to make a living while pursuing his dream. I’m a father to be to my little princess in my wife’s little tummy. Picking up a camera in my early 20s and never putting it down again has been one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I’m a photographer who loves to blog / review / writes about my life. I’m travelling the world with photography ~ Hoping you enjoy what you see. Take a seat, drink a cup of hot chocolate and stay a while. Have a good day reading !


Sunday, September 13, 2015


© 2015 Hasif Rahman - The Pirate's Smile | Pirates of Hasif Rahman

" If you want to get my attention, wear a pirate outfit "

- Michelle Branch - 

Keep calm and say, Arrrrrr. It's September 2015 and one of the Pirates of Hasif Rahman turn 2 months old. She's dangerous, she's beautiful, and she's  cute. Introducing to you, Audrey Marissa ! Hey Ho, Hey Ho. What's the new skill this little pirate can do now? Now she's able to smile a lot, laugh a little bit, starts to concentrate when the Captain talk to her and sometimes, its like a conversation when the Captain talk to her, and she reply it with that cute baby sound. Aaa..purrrrrrr...kinda like that and the Captain started to "oh my ". Haha.

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