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Hi there ! I’m Hasif Rahman, a freelance photographer based in Malaysia. Just a husband trying to make a living while pursuing his dream. I’m a father to be to my little princess in my wife’s little tummy. Picking up a camera in my early 20s and never putting it down again has been one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I’m a photographer who loves to blog / review / writes about my life. I’m travelling the world with photography ~ Hoping you enjoy what you see. Take a seat, drink a cup of hot chocolate and stay a while. Have a good day reading !


Sunday, April 26, 2015


© 2015 Hasif Rahman - Street Food Hunter

© 2015 Hasif Rahman - Awesome Chendul !

" First we eat, then we do everything else "

- M.F.K Fisher -

 Street Food !

Food. One of the things that can make me flying without wings. Not that type of choosy in terms of food, anything nice even at street, I'm gonna try it. Kalau anda ada baca entry sebelum ini tentang Line Clear Nasi Kandar, Chendul ni terletak di satu jalan yang sama cuma ia berada di hadapan sedikit di lorong antar dua blok barisan kedai. Macam mana nak tau gerai Chendul dia? First boleh lihat nama gerai dia Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul Ice Kacang or, tengok je gerai yang orang ramai beratur panjang. Haha. Sebut pasal beratur panjang, mesti orang akan kata, lama nak tunggu. Eh, no worry, fast service ! Tak lama pun beratur. Must try food kalau ke Penang ! 

Psst..sorry takda gambar chendul, sebab dia takda kerusi meja, makan sambil berdiri. Haha

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