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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


© 2015 Hasif Rahman - A Buzzy Day | The New Expensive Hobby

" A hobby a day, keeps the doldrums away "

- Phyllis McGinley -

Shot was taken using Canon 6D + 40mm F2.8 + Macro Lens Adaptor

The fly at the Storm Trooper head - I didn't noticed it till I edit it in Photoshop. Haha

The last day I played with Lego was like 20 years ago. I can still remember I owned a Lego City and a Spaceship. Can't really tell exactly whats the real name, but thats what I owned. Years after, it's all gone. I'm not that Lego Fans during that days, I bought it just for fun. There's no feeling of what I want to do with all the Lego's someday.

Currently at the age of 29 years old, the mood, the joy, and the excitement towards the lego rise again. Combining the Lego and my photography, it doubles the joy ! If you're a Lego fans, surely you'll know about the Minifigure Series. It comes in a small packet at around RM13.00 price. Every series comes with 16 Minifigure Lego with different character. Every Lego fans will surely wants to collect each of them for every series. You'll be like, that's easy, just go and buy it, but thats the problem. You'll never know whats in the packet because it's sealed and can't be seen. You may bought the same character when you buy two packets, or not. The other problem is, few of the character is hard to find.

For example, the Bunny Suit Man Minifigure Lego in Series 7, its kinda rare and hard to find. You bought it at RM13.00, if you're lucky to get it, but people sold it at RM200.00. A hobby that can make a lot of money if you know how to do it. Starting to collect at Series 13, the heart kinda feel like, I'm too late is it? How I'm gonna to start to collect from the Series 1. Lucky, I managed to find the shop that selling the minifigures from Series 1. The usual minifigure will be like RM30 to RM50, but the rare ones will be above RM150.

For now, I'm not collecting it for business purpose. I'm collecting it as a hobby and using it for my photography purposes. But surely, I'm gonna keep it in a box because who knows, someday in a future, a really die hard fans of Lego will buy it at a really high price? Like stamps, old coin, classic item and etc. Ya, money will be splash, I think thousands,,,haha but not that in a month. I'll start collecting it slowly. Lets start to get all 16 in Series 13, and later will start collecting the previous series.

Later I'll show you one of my favorite  Minifigure in Series 13 - the Hot Dog Guy. I've own three for the Series 13 for now, the Fencer, the Lady Cyclops and The Hot Dog Guy.

© 2015 Hasif Rahman - Minifigure Series 13 | 13 To Go !

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