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Monday, November 3, 2014


© 2014 Hasif Rahman - Canon 6D In Da House !

Hello, hello, hello ! Look who's in da house ! The new family member that kinda i've been waiting for. Yeah ! Selama ini saya menggunakan Canon 1000D sejak tahun 2008 dan telah lama mengejar impian untuk membeli sebuah Full Frame DSLR. Dahulunya impian hendak membeli Canon 5D mark ii, tetapi benda2 berkaitan teknologi, there will always be new things. Ooppss..why not buy the Canon 5D mark iii. Because at the price of 5D mark iii, i can buy Canon 6D with lens and a bit extra to buy the MAC. Hehe.

I'm not the type that buy better DSLR/Camera for better pictures. I'm chasing this fullframe pun sebab love using the high ISO but still the image clean even at ISO 8000 compared to my Canon 1000D which guna ISO at 1600 (max) dah hancur gambar. Sebab diri ini bukan suka shoot pakai flash or bawak ke hulu hilir flash. Haha. Plus the 6D colour was like, wow. Haha. But still, I'm not satisfied with the result till i'm using the L lens. Targeting several L lens such as 24-70mm and 85mm. Buat masa ni akan guna 50mm dahulu. Huu..

 Papepun, love it so much ! Using my own money to buy it after years waiting. Well, salah satu sebab beli pun kinda like self reward. Bila fikir2 balik, memang sangat jarang beli hadiah untuk diri sendiri. Selalu sgt menjaga hati orang, but never pleased myself. So once in a while, why not i reward myself. Hee.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

So next target will be (for self reward) :-

L Lens
A House
A workstation/studio (A room for photography)

But still, nothing can beat this target. Impian paling bermakna, dimana yang lain2 boleh ditolak ketepi

A baby =)

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